Writing Services

I offer services as a freelance writing coach. I primarily work in-person with engineering and science students at the University of Illinois. Being an engineer myself, I’m better provisioned to understand the topics those students need to discuss. Similarly, I can readily assist with true technical writing, unlike the more widely available English tutors with liberal arts backgrounds. However, I adapt well and am happy to assist no matter your field of study or age; I have acted as an editor or writing coach to clients as diverse as middle-aged financial service managers to developmentally-delayed preteens attending special needs schools.

There is no singular correct path to learning; I tailor my style, formality, explanations and expectations to my clients’ needs.

From Ph.D. dissertations to simple essays, from one-off copyediting to year-long tutoring, I can refine your writing skill.


My skills in editing, teaching, and rhetoric developed naturally and quite inevitably consequent to my parents’ tutelage. My mother, trilingual, held careers as an editor and a foreign language teacher. My father, an attorney, worked as Counsel to the Governor of Illinois and in private practice.

I attended Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Illinois, graduating with honors in Computer Science. In the process of my applications to those Universities, I scored a “perfect” 800 on the SAT’s verbal portion – which I took prior to the introduction of the additional writing section. Similarly, I scored a “perfect” 36 on the ACT in each subscore as well as the overall composite score.

In high school, I repeatedly advanced to the state level in the WYSE/JETS competitions following perfect scores on the English subject tests at regional and sectional levels. I also captained our Scholastic Bowl team; we won the state championship in our division (~1500 student schools) in my senior year. I have never received anything but the highest possible score on any formal assessment of my writing ability specifically.

Availability and Fee Schedule

My availability and fee schedule vary. I make every effort to ensure my relationship with my clients is mutually beneficial. I consider the client’s existing writing skill, the length of the document or term requiring oversight, and for my principal clientele’s often limited ability to pay.

Please contact me for details if you are interested in or considering retaining my services.

  • 2019 Summer (Jun-Aug): Fully booked
  • 2019 Autumn (Sep-Dec): Fully booked1
  • 2020 Spring (Jan-May): Available
  • 2020 Summer (Jun-Aug): Limited availability remaining

  1. May accept very small one-off jobs, or returning clients with exceptional circumstances.